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Castle Llugwych

Created Tuesday 15 November 2011

If you've played through the main quest, you've visited these two unique, hand-crafted locations:

Direnni Tower
Direnni TowerDirenni Tower
Castle Llugwych
Castle LlugwychCastle Llugwych

Oh snap!

Castle Llugwych -- FIX

LLUGWYCH.ZIP (25.1 kb) 15 November 2011 // by DelphiSnake

* Fixes the exterior location at Castle Llugwych to use the correct building instead of re-using Direnni Tower

Looks like a typo by someone at BethSoft was the source of this error, as Castle Llugwych always had unique artwork.

This oversight has been known for a long time, I think I first saw it mentioned by BruteDragon on alt.games.daggerfall ~1998.

Castle Llugwych after the fix:

Castle Llugwych

Castle Llugwych FIXEDCastle Llugwych FIXED