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Bugs and Errors in Daggerfall

Created Tuesday 25 November 2011

If you'd like to get hacking on Daggerfall, here are some suggestions for things you could fix.

This is a rough list of bugs and errors in Daggerfall that I've compiled from various sources. Most of the text of this list is ripped from other sites, with my comments highlighted. I'll try to clean it up later and add some more detail -- ideas on how to make the fixes, what I'm working on, etc.

→ if the Knight Orders can give a specific material to player, then perhaps this could be used to make artifacts be the specific/correct material.

Character Generation difficulty dagger bug

%> Having just rediscovered the difficulty dagger bug in the character
%> generator, (touch the red and it forgets how to count right) I'm
%> off to see what mayhem I've wrought with the main quest :-)
%Have fun.

If he seems to be leveling too quickly, you may have invoked a
character generator bug: If you apply a (dis)advantage that
moves the dagger into the red zone, the effective difficulty
is not figured correctly when you move it back out of the red.
The more times you touch red, the more unpredictable the final
difficulty setting becomes, no matter what the dagger shows.
In extreme cases, the game engine goes completely insane and
*every* skill increases every time the PC rests.

Is possibly related to this fixsave fix:

sum used for determining your user level. Fixsave will 'repair' this
in the sense that it will pick a new reasonable starting sum for you.
But it won't be what you initially had. Your level will return back
to something close to what you had before, if not the exact level.

vamp quest patches

The questfiles of this quest are misnamed, the binary file is named P0B1XL08.QBN and the text-file P0B10L08.QRC. Hence you can never get this quest unless you change the name of one file so that it matches the name of the other. This may have already been fixed in one of the quest fix packs.

Magical locking spells working globally

I have had no such troubles with lock picking, but even without
it you are likely to find more magickally locks at higher levels. And
if you ever, anywhere, cast a lock or "door jam" spell, you've done
it. It is a global enchantment, and it grows stronger for each level.
I gave up a character after having accidentally used a "sealed door"
item while at a low level. The effect was strikingly similar to what
other players claim to experience with lockpicking. :)
-- as reported by Magnus Itland.

Fix the "Residence" labelled TG to correct "Thieves Guild"

eg, Residence in Grayidge, Tulune.

Human mobs sounds

there are sound files for human mobs that go unused.

Areas of Hammerfell with Breton commoners walking around

vast areas of Hammerfell have this problem, CLIMATE.PAK defines which texture sets to use, the climate type that includes all or part of the provinces of dragontail, abibon-gora, kairou, pothago, myrkwasa, ephesus, sentinel(!), tigonus etc have Breton commoenrs.

spell Magicka Leech
does Damage SP, should really be Drain SP to be consistent with other "Leech" spells, however no Drain SP spell effect for me to patch it.

Durability of Artifacts

As it was already mentioned, all artifacts have a starting health of 1500, regardless whether they are also weapons or armors. This is the reason why some of the artifacts for example the Ebony Blade get worn out extremely fast. Although the may have powerful enchantments, they only have a very limited durability. This must be considered an oversight made by the developers. give ebony blade / other weapons / armor more health: get them all, test in game to see which break to fast, then add more health

Knights of the Hawk

Although this is the Knight Order of Santaki, all its garrisons are located in Antiphyllos. Could this be a faction.txt error? --> they are correctly listed in Santaki. *** Could fix this by ret-conning the lore to make them the order of Antiphyllos → ddouble check in-game lore

Disappearing NPCs

eg fix that bare breasted lady from vanishing in MG, maybe move her away from the walls a bit?

Montalion vampire clan

The Montalion receive the spell Free Action (useless to vampires) but should receive Teleport. From in-game book Vampires of the Iliac Bay, Chapter II: "Montalion alone have the gift for teleportation, but the other eight have powers of their own."

Glenumbra Moors vampires

In Glenumbra Moors the transition from living to undead will crash the game. The region has a vamp clan tagged to it in faction.txt so that's not the problem.

Dak'Fron Daedra Summoning Bug

As the province of Dak'fron has no libraries, and Daedra Prince quest involving one as a quest location causes the game to crash. This could be fixed by editing the quest files, I think this has already been done, but there is a building set up to be a library that is not tagged as a such in blocks.bsa that should be fixed anyway, which would also fix this bug.

Muted NPCs

Many NPCs will not talk to the player except to offer their parts of the main quest, eg Helseth, Morgiah, Lhotun. They may be muted by a scheduler s****.qrc quest running in the background, or it may be a tag in blocks.bsa, haven't looked at either yet.

List from Patched.txt

Enemies fragging themselves

Eg. liches. Fix by editing the spells they use in monsters.bsa? or giving them resistance/immunity to existing spell effects

cast. This would cause you to cast a different spell when you hit
the recast spell.
---> this probably introduced the bug that restores the spell points for the last spell cast when aborting the spell from using a magical item

I think still broken, 1-5 gold is miniscule, really not worth having pickpocket. Increase the rewards.

you created your character. The problem with the negative hit points still exists however.
Sometimes if you creat a custom character, the game starts you out with around -1000 hp. you have to rest for several weeks to get full hp sometimes, and one hit from a monster kills you (all versions).

where you entered. This has been fixed. Because of the way
dungeons are built, it may be placed behind an opened door.
If you do not see the exit and a door is nearby, close the door
and it should be there.

properly labeled in the use item list.
but those without recipe all 'unknown'. does identify item work on these?

reputation when you are caught.

You bash open doors in towns and the guards attack. When you agree to surrender they keep on attacking you and they never kill you, also you get a revered reputation (v2.13).
some people seem to think this still happens in 213
for me, when yielding to arrest instead of the court screen coming up, hit points are set to 0 and reputation drops to 'hated'.

Patch Fixes, version 1.05.195

shouldn't be able to do that? can't at other guilds.

items equipped. They should be more challenging now.
is it possible to give quest foes good items to make them harder?


when you exceed the 100 limit through magic has been fixed, you
can still lose them when magic drains them below 0.

Patch Fixes, version 1.04.191


Try to increase frequency of vampire quests. Not cure/hunter quest, too repetitive/annoying.

Increase amount of arrows allowed in inventory. 200 is not that many with low skill. Unrealistic carrying capacity in game anyway.


Patch Fixes, version 1.01.175

AFAIK they're still pretty weak, maybe up them a lot.

tied to the abort spell get SP back bug, perhaps not allowing PC to 'abort/cancel' use of magic items is the best fix?




→ I love both of these... :>


the GSM.

Incorrectly reported bugs

→ This is a deliberate twist in the quest.
→ I created a standard Barbarian and successfully summoned Hermaeus Mora on my second attempt, and completed the quest as per normal.