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Last modified: Friday 10 August 2012

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I started planning a Daggerfall mod about 6 months after I first played the game. I'm getting there.

Not a road map, but here's a list of Daggerfall bugs and errors. Have a go at fixing some of them.

Do you have something to contribute? Get in touch :)

Let's hack Daggerfall!

-- Python+ on bethsoft forums // DelphiSnake on the uesp. The one and very same.


-- unofficial patch and extension project for Daggerfall 213

HACKFALL.ZIP (239.3 kb) 30 November 2011 // by DelphiSnake
-- all of the HackFall project fixes bundled into one one archive.
-- install using fallhack (under 'Other tools') or manually with a hex editor.

I made some fixes to FACTION.TXT but didn't bundle it as it's not tested and not finished. But I'm not going to work on it anymore so here is my modified file built onto PLRDLF's faction-fix; here is a list of what I changed; and here are some other ideas I had on it.

Individual patches still available below.



This section is for things that aren't bug fixes but are intended to enhance Daggerfall while adhering to the aesthetic of the game.

User Interface

Hacking Lore

Information on how to manually hack the game.

Don Tipton's Tools and Patches*

Everthing I could find of his. Of particular note is the quest scenario generator TEMPLATE. I think there are newer versions of almost all of them, but I have not found them. If you have versions that differ from these, please contact me.

Most of the tools have adequate-to-good documentation which should enable you to know what the tools can do and how to use them.

Some of the archives include source code. This may be useful to anyone hacking on Daggerfall, even if you have no use for the application itself.

* I've included several versions of the same tools/mods here because I thought it possible that some features that work in an older version may have neen inadvertently broken in newer versions, etc.

Quest tools and patches

Map tools

Save-game and Character tools

Graphics and Misc tools

Other tools


Some of these may not be eminently playable, but seeing _how_ they hacked the game will help you make your own mods.

Don Tipton's WereFall


What next?

If you have a cache of DF tools or hacking lore that you haven't seen online, I'd like a copy (and probably to host it here)!

I have more files and lore, but I need to sort/view/edit before uploading. I want to avoid hosting files that are readily available elsewhere.


Hacking/Modding/Viewing tools and lore


Game engines

TES-related forums

Thank you, and greetings

A DF map size thanks to (in alphabetical order):

Ancestral_Ghost, Andux, Brendan, Dave H, Donald Tipton, Ferital, Giniu, Galfar, George IV, Interkarma, Jackie Eason, Localhosed, LuciusDXL, Magnus Itland, Mark Stinson, PLRDLF, Princess Morgiah, and surely many others whose names and help I've forgotten.


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